Trolleybus Magazine
Published six times a year and fully illustrated, "Trolleybus Magazine" is the world's premier journal devoted to trolleybuses. Issues feature descriptions of present-day operations around the world (often with route and wiring maps), new vehicle developments, historical articles, preservation developments, and comprehensive worldwide news. Book and video reviews as well as readers' correspondence are also included.
Issue no. 274
picture - CF Isgar
  • Descriptions of present-day operations overseas
  • New vehicle developments
  • Historical articles
  • Preservation progress
  • Technical treatises
  • Comprehensive worldwide news
  • Route and overhead wiring maps
  • Book and video reviews
  • Events diary
  • Readers' correspondence
  • Normally 24 pages in each issue
  • Fully illustrated (normally over 20 pictures in each issue)
  • Colour cover picture, and now, colour pictures inside
The cover of the latest issue shows Basel 902, a FBW/SWP/FHS/BBC/SAAS consortium trolley, delivered in 1968, turning right from Baumlihofstrasse into Rauracherstrasse on route 33 to Habermatten, on 28th July 1992. Issue 275 includes part 3 of European Trolleybuses 1966-76, news of preservation, reviews of the latest books and videos, and news from around the world.
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The Editor, Carl Isgar, is always pleased to consider articles and photographs for publication, and can be contacted at 24 Heath Farm Road, Ferndown, Dorset BH22 8JW. Email Photographs for publication should be suitably captioned on the back with the name and address of the photographer. News items [only] can be sent to the News Editor, Peter Haseldine, at 5 Ardmore Lane, Buckhurst Hill, Essex IG9 5RY or via email
"Trolleybus Magazine" is only available to members of the National Trolleybus Association, however, if you would like a free sample copy of "Trolleybus Magazine" please write to NTA Sales, 3 Bankfields, Headcorn, Ashford, Kent, TN27 9QY

Recent covers have included -
Issue no. 248 Jihlava 53, a low floor Skoda 21T, leaving the town centre on route C.
picture - MJ Russell
Issue no. 249 Wellington's Designline prototype 301, newly delivered outside Stagecoach's Kilbirnie depot on 23rd March 2003.
picture - C. Geaboc
Issue no. 250 Newcastle's 492, turning from Grainger Street into Neville Street, 30th July 1963.
picture - D. Pearson
Issue no. 251 Nancy's guided trolleybus 6, operating without guidance on route T1, approaching the station, 23rd June 2003.
picture - P. Haseldine
Issue no. 252 Val-de-Ruz 31, a 1942 Saurer with Ramseier + Jenzer body, at Les Hauts Geneveys station platform, 24th June 1981.
picture - A.G. Murray
Issue no. 253 Lipetsk 035, a BTZ 5276 on new route 4 at Sokol outer terminus. 28th July 2003.
picture - P. Haseldine
Issue no. 254 Genève 669, a Hess bodied Saurer GT560, on route 19 crossing Place de Bel Air towards Vernier in July 2003.
picture - M.A. Box
Issue no. 255 Genève 721, the double articulated prototype Hess, on route 19 at Quai de la Poste in March 2004.
picture - P.Haseldine
Issue no. 256 South Shields 243, a Roe bodied Karrier W of 1945, at Marsden Grotto in May 1961.
picture - D.Smithies
Issue no. 257 Dayton 515, a 1949 Marmon-Herrington TC-48, repainted in the livery of the City Transit Company, on Lakeside Drive on 25th April 1987.
picture - SJ Morgan
Issue no. 258 Arnhem 0228, a 2002 Berkhof AT18, turning at Riijkerswoerd under the 'clothes line' on 27th April 2004.
picture - P.Haseldine
Issue no. 259 Shanghai 663-359, seen in 1984 and built by the undertaking which celebrated it's 90th anniversary in November 2004.
picture - M.J. Russell
Issue no. 260 Marseille 293, a Vetra-Berliet ELR, one of 82 purchased between 1955 and 1962 and seen entering Quai de Rive Neuve on 5th September 1975.
picture - J.Priestley
Issue no. 261 Roma 8525, an 18m Solaris, passing the tramway in Villa della Regina on 27th March 2005, 4 days after the return of trolleybus operation after 33 years.
picture - G. Mantovani
Issue no. 262 Boston 4120, by Neoplan/Skoda and the first low floor trolleybus in North America. Seen oubound on route 73 in Trapelo Road on 22nd September 2004.
picture - SJ. Morgan
Issue no. 263 Salzburg 112, by Graf & Stift in 1974 to mark the 65th anniversary of the system. Seen after crossing the Salzach river, with Hohensalzburg fortress behind.
picture - AG. Murray
Issue no. 264 Ashgabat 016, a Skoda 14Tr, on May 19th 2005, passing President Niyazov's message to "Let the Turkmen people prosper" on Garassyzlyk, part of the newly equipped trolleybus route 8.
picture - P Haseldine
Issue no. 265 Ostrava 3702, a Solaris Trollino 12AC, on April 20th 2005, passing the towns mining museum on depature from the Michalkovice terminus.
picture - P Haseldine
Issue no. 266 South Lancs 61, a Karrier W utility trolleybus at Four Lane Ends, the limit of the wiring for which Bolton Corporation was responsible. The system closed before the preservation movement got started in the UK.
picture - J Batty
Issue no. 267 Double articulated Geneve 782, one of a batch of 10 Hess 'Lightrams' on 14th February 2006 on a test run at the Airport.
picture - D Pearson
Issue no. 268 Pergula 103, an all Breda trolleybus delivered in 1949 on 3rd July 1970 at Stazione FS. It was withdrawn the following year.
picture - P Haseldine
Issue no. 269 Gdynia 3374, a Jelcz 120MT trolleybus, part of a large batch delivered between 1994 and 2000. Seen leaving Pustki Cisowskie housing development on 21st May 2006.
picture - P Haseldine
Issue no. 270 Ashton 84 on the 218 service to Piccadilly, circumnavigating the roundabout at Mancunian Way.
picture - C Isgar
Issue no. 271 Bournemouth 279 correctly showing the red "via Bath Road" auxilliary blind display.
picture - RTE Box
Issue no. 272 Arnhem 0212, a Berhof Premier AT18 with Kiepe electrical equipment and Berhof body, at Emmersingel on route 1 towards Het Duifje in January 2002.
picture - CF Isgar
Issue no. 273 Athens 9035, an Articulated Neoplan N6221 with Kiepe electrical equipment, at Nosokomeio Evangalismos on route 13, 8th June 2006.
picture - V Thrun
Issue no. 274 Salzburg 272, a Van Hool AG 300T, delivered in 2003, at Staatsbrucke on route 4 to Liefering, on 7th April 2007.
picture - G Mackinger

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