New Members
The NTA welcomes new members. NTA is part of NTA(1963) Ltd. Current members include trolleybus operators, suppliers of overhead wiring and electrical equipment, transport planners and politicians, as well as members of the enthusiast fraternity around the world.
Membership brings subscription to "Trolleybus Magazine"
Annual membership is £24.50 (UK), £30.00 (Europe) and £35.00 (Rest of the World).
If you would like to join the NTA and pay by post or bank transfer, please click to open and print the application form. Please complete and send it, with your remittance, to the membership secretary, Dave Lawrence, 17 Grovebury Close, Brundall, Norwich NR13 5NJ UK. Or pay by Paypal.

Membership payment
UK membership
£24.50 UK - one year

£49.00 UK - two years
European membership
£30.00 Europe - one year

£60.00 Europe - two years
Rest of the World membership
£35.00 Rest of the World - one year

£70.00 Rest of the World - two years
If you're renewing your membershp, we'd appreciate you adding your membership number at the "pay now" Paypal screen ("Add special instructions to the seller").
If you are no longer remaining as a member, Dave Lawrence would much appreciate an email, Membership Secretary.

Information on North American subscriptions can be obtained from
S. J. Morgan, 17150 NW Oak Creek Drive, Beaverton, Oregon 97006, USA or email SJ Morgan

Other payment options
1 Sterling Cheques and postal orders should be made payable to NTA(1963) Ltd.

2 Electronic Bank Tranfer Payments for subscriptions, donations, purchase of goods etc
United Kingdom -
Please pay "NTA(1963) Ltd".
and email for our bank details.

If paying your subscription other than by the advise letter that is sent at the end of your subscription,
please quote your membership number.
Please advise the Secretary of the nature of the payment, by email to Dave Lawrence
or by post to 17 Grovebury Close, Brundall, Norwich NR13 5NJ UK

Existing members please note -
If or when you receive a self-assessment tax return, you may note that there is a box that allows you to nominate any charity to receive any tax rebate you may have. NTA(1963) Ltd. has registered with the Inland Revenue for this purpose, and if you would like to donate your tax rebate to us, our unique code is KAD95LG. This scheme does not replace the existing Gift Aid scheme, which you should continue to make use of on your subscriptions and donations to us.

The NTA(1963) Ltd. is a Company limited by guarantee, not shares. The guarantee is that, should the company ever have to be wound up, each member would contribute one UK pound to any debts that the company may have.
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