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Published six times a year and fully illustrated, "Trolleybus Magazine" is the world's premier journal devoted to trolleybuses. Issues feature descriptions of present-day operations around the world (often with route and wiring maps), new vehicle developments, historical articles, preservation developments, and comprehensive worldwide news. Book and video reviews as well as readers' correspondence are also included.
  Issue no. 347picture - P Haseldine
  • Descriptions of present-day operations overseas
  • New vehicle developments
  • Historical articles
  • Preservation progress
  • Technical treatises
  • Comprehensive worldwide news
  • Route and overhead wiring maps
  • Book and video reviews
  • Events diary
  • Readers' correspondence
  • Normally 34 pages in each issue
  • Fully illustrated (normally over 30 pictures in each issue)
  • Colour cover picture, and now, colour pictures inside
  • The cover of the latest issue shows Lausanne Swisstrolley-3 845 on the extension of route 25, opened in 2014, from Bouronnette to Renens, on 16 May 2019. Issue 348 includes trolleybuses in Fribourg, anniversaries and celebrations, Belfast 168 update, preservation and museum updates, reviews of the latest books and videos, and detailed system news from around the world.
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    The Editor, Carl Isgar, is always pleased to consider articles and photographs for publication, and can be contacted at 24 Heath Farm Road, Ferndown, Dorset BH22 8JW. Email Photographs for publication should be suitably captioned on the back with the name and address of the photographer. News items [only] can be sent to the News Editor, Peter Haseldine, at The Lodge, Snarebrook House, Woodford Road, London, E18 2UB or via email
    "Trolleybus Magazine" is only available to members of the National Trolleybus Association.

    Recent covers have included -
    Issue no. 248 Jihlava 53, a low-floor Skoda 21Tr, leaving the town centre on route C.
    picture - MJ Russell
    Issue no. 249 Wellington's Designline prototype 301, newly delivered outside Stagecoach's Kilbirnie depot on 10th March 2003.
    picture - C. Geaboc
    Issue no. 250 Newcastle's 492, turning from Grainger Street into Neville Street, 30th July 1963.
    picture - D. Pearson
    Issue no. 251 Nancy's guided trolleybus 6, operating without guidance on route T1, approaching the station, 23rd June 2003.
    picture - P. Haseldine
    Issue no. 252 Val-de-Ruz 31, a 1942 Saurer with Ramseier + Jenzer body, at Les Hauts Geneveys station platform, 24th June 1981.
    picture - A.G. Murray
    Issue no. 253 Lipetsk 035, a BTZ 5276 on new route 4 at Sokol outer terminus. 28th July 2003.
    picture - P. Haseldine
    Issue no. 254 Genève 669, a Hess bodied Saurer GT560, on route 19 crossing Place de Bel Air towards Vernier in July 2003.
    picture - M.A. Box
    Issue no. 255 Genève 721, the double articulated prototype Hess, on route 19 at Quai de la Poste in March 2004.
    picture - P.Haseldine
    Issue no. 256 South Shields 243, a Roe bodied Karrier W of 1945, at Marsden Grotto in May 1961.
    picture - D.Smithies
    Issue no. 257 Dayton 515, a 1949 Marmon-Herrington TC-48, repainted in the livery of the City Transit Company, on Lakeside Drive on 25th April 1987 during an enthusiast tour.
    picture - SJ Morgan
    Issue no. 258 Arnhem 0228, a 2002 Berkhof AT18, turning at Rijkerswoerd under the 'clothes line' on 27th April 2004.
    picture - P.Haseldine
    Issue no. 259 Shanghai 663-359, seen in 1984 and built by the undertaking which celebrated its 90th anniversary in November 2004.
    picture - M.J. Russell
    Issue no. 260 Marseille 293, a Vetra-Berliet ELR, one of 82 purchased between 1955 and 1962 and seen entering Quai de Rive Neuve on 5th September 1975.
    picture - J.Priestley
    Issue no. 261 Roma 8525, an 18m Solaris, on Via Nomentana and crossing the tramway in Viale Regina Margherita on 27th March 2005, 4 days after the return of trolleybus operation after 33 years.
    picture - G. Mantovani
    Issue no. 262 Boston 4120, one of 28 new Neoplan/?koda vehicles that are the first low-floor trolleybuses in North America. Seen outbound on route 73 in Trapelo Road on 22nd September 2004.
    picture - SJ. Morgan
    Issue no. 263 Salzburg 112, built by Gräf & Stift in 1974, appeared on TM's cover to mark the 65th anniversary of the system. Seen after crossing the Salzach river, with Hohensalzburg fortress behind.
    picture - AG. Murray
    Issue no. 264 Ashgabat 016, a ?koda 14Tr, on May 19th 2005, passing President Niyazov's message to "Let the Turkmen people prosper" on Garassyzlyk, part of the newly equipped trolleybus route 8.
    picture - P Haseldine
    Issue no. 265 Ostrava 3702, a Solaris Trollino 12AC, on April 20th 2005, passing the town's mining museum on departure from the Michalkovice terminus.
    picture - P Haseldine
    Issue no. 266 South Lancs 61, a Karrier W utility trolleybus at Four Lane Ends, the limit of the wiring for which Bolton Corporation was responsible. The system closed before the preservation movement got started in the UK.
    picture - J Batty
    Issue no. 267 Double articulated Geneve 782, one of a batch of 10 Hess 'Lightrams' on 14th February 2006 on a test run at the Airport.
    picture - D Pearson
    Issue no. 268 Perugia 103, an all-Breda trolleybus delivered in 1949, on 3rd July 1970 at Stazione FS. It was withdrawn the following year.
    picture - P Haseldine
    Issue no. 269 Gdynia 3374, a Jelcz 120MT trolleybus, part of a large batch delivered between 1994 and 2000. Seen leaving Pustki Cisowskie housing development on 21st May 2006.
    picture - P Haseldine
    Issue no. 270 Ashton 84 on the 218 service to Piccadilly, circumnavigating the roundabout at Mancunian Way.
    picture - C Isgar
    Issue no. 271 Bournemouth 279 correctly showing the red "via Bath Road" auxilliary blind display.
    picture - RTE Box
    Issue no. 272 Arnhem 0212, a Berkhof Premier AT18 with Kiepe electrical equipment and Berkhof body, at Emmersingel on route 1 towards Het Duifje in January 2002.
    picture - CF Isgar
    Issue no. 273 Athens 9035, an articulated Neoplan N6221 with Kiepe electrical equipment, at Nosokomeio Evangalismos on route 13, 8th June 2006.
    picture - V Thrun
    Issue no. 274 Salzburg 272, a Van Hool AG 300T, delivered in 2003, at Staatsbrücke on route 4 to Liefering, on 7th April 2007.
    picture - G Mackinger
    Issue no. 275 Basel 902, a FBW/SWP/FHS/BBC/SAAS consortium trolley, built in 1968, turning right from Bäumlihofstrasse into Rauracherstrasse on 28th July 1992.
    picture - CF Isgar
    Issue no. 276 Solingen 40, a Henschel/Uerdingen ÜH111s trolley, now liveried as Salzburg 123, beside sister vehicle 59, on 23rd June 2007.
    picture - G Mackinger
    Issue no. 277 London Q1 class 1812, flanked by L3 class 1521 and K2 class 1201 in September 2007 at the East Anglian Museum - the first time 1812 had run alongside other London trolleybuses since 1974.
    picture - MJ Russell
    Issue no. 278 Roma Solaris 18T 8505, turning into Viale Rosetta Pampanini, on departure from Largo Labia terminus, on the edge of Roma's built-up area.
    picture - SJ Morgan
    Issue no. 279 Qingdao (China) D-5-909, a SK 5105 GP trolleybus built by Shanghai Coach in 1997/8, seen operating on route 5 between Qingdao Railway Station and Victory Bridge, in August 2007.
    picture - M Thrun
    Issue no. 280 Rosario Volvo B58/Marcopolo/Powertronics no.1 operating at the western end of route K; a system not pictured by TM for over a decade.
    picture - A Murray
    Issue no. 281 Castell?n Irisbus Cristalis no.146 after crossing the striking new bridge linking Paseo Universad and Paseo Morella on 23rd May 2008.
    picture - P Haseldine
    Issue no. 282 Gen?ve 652, a Saurer of 1982 at the the Petit-Saconnex terminus of route 3 in November 2003.
    picture - A Belton
    Issue no. 283 Napoli ANM F9110, an AnsaldoBreda F19 on the system's newest route, the 202, about to turn from the northern end of Piazza Gianbattista Vico on 28th September 2007.
    picture - SJ Morgan
    Issue no. 284 A Neoplan Electroliner for Barquisimeto beside Winterthur 173, a Solaris Trollino 18T at Farbhof turning circle in Zürich, during the Trolleymotion conference on 19th November 2008.
    picture - A Bruce
    Issue no. 285 San Remo's Siccar F1154/Breda trolleybus 1712 climbing out of San Remo twards Capo Pino on the long interurban route V to Ventimiglia.
    picture - MJ Russell
    Issue no. 285 Edmonton's centenary celebrations on 17th September 2008 at the Stadium Station terminus with 1954 CCF-Brill 202 beside 1982 BBC 180.
    picture - SJ Morgan
    Issue no. 287 Arnhem 101, a BUT 9721T with a Verheul body, delivered in 1949 for the opening of the system. Acquired in 1972 for preservation and restored in 1983/4, 101 appeared for the 60th anniversary celebrations in 2009.
    picture - P van Onzen
    Issue no. 288 Bruxelles 6023, a 1956 Brossel with a STIB body, during the closure of the Ghent system on 14th June 2009, on perhaps it's last outing on a Belgian street equipped with overhead wiring.
    picture - CF Isgar
    Issue no. 288 Manchester 1344, followed by newly re-launched Ashton 87 and repainted Bournemouth 286 at the EATM Trolleybus weekend of 12th and 13th September 2009.
    picture - CF Isgar
    Issue no. 290 Wellington 338, a Designline 3 axle trolleybus at the Lyall Bay terminus of line 3 on 28th October 2009.
    picture - MJ Russell
    Issue no. 291 San Francisco 7045, a New Flyer dating from 1994 heading along Market Street on recently closed route 7 on 19th October 2009.
    picture - A Murray
    Issue no. 292 The first of 45 BredaMenarini articulated trolleybuses for Roma, in Plzen where it has been fitted with electrical equipment by Skoda.
    picture - D Braunova
    Issue no. 293 All of Sandtoft Museums' Huddersfield trolleybuses, 541, a Karrier MS2 of 1947, 631, a Sunbeam S7 of 1959 and 619, a BUT9641T of 1956.
    picture - B Lake
    Issue no. 294 Brno 3023, a Skoda 21Tr, on the interurban route to Slapanice on 23rd April 2010.
    picture - D Lawrence
    Issue no. 295 London 796, a class H1 Leyland LPTB70, at Carlton Colville on 6th October 2010 after arriving from France.
    picture - Dave Jones
    Issue no. 296 Le Havre 13, a Vetra VBRh, at Rue de Bayonvilliers on 31st October 1970.
    picture - MJ Russell
    Issue no. 295 Bradford 240, a Railless car, at Thornbury depot in June, 1911, that pioneered trolleybus operation in the UK.
    picture - TMC Collection
    Issue no. 298 Valparaiso 888, a 1948 Pullman-Standard, with rebuilt front end dating from 1988-89, on the 'Turismo' city service in January 2011.
    picture - M Roschlau
    Issue no. 299 Kopenhaven KS101, a 1938 Leyland/KS/GEC, preserved at the Danish Tramway Museum, visiting the Landskona Trolleybus Festival seen at Ferry Terminal on 15th May 2011.
    picture - D Pearson
    Issue no. 300 Newcastle 501, a 1948 Sunbeam S7/Northern/MV, owned by Beamish Open Air Museum, visiting Sandtoft on August 28th 2010.
    picture - A Bruce
    Issue no. 301 Aqtobe 80, a BTZ-5276.04, operating in October 2011.
    picture - P Haseldine
    Issue no. 302 Dalian 7-2345, a CJWG150 built by Hangzhou Changjiang Coach plant in 2005/6, operating in August 2008 on the sole route 101 at Shengu Square.
    picture - A Whitlam
    Issue no. 303 London 1201 overtaking 1348 on Stamford Hill. Fifty years later and both vehicles are preserved in running order.
    picture - D Thompson
    Issue no. 304 Solingen 051, a first generation UH111/s of 1958 at Schlagbaum bound for Ohligs on 22nd October 1973.
    picture - D Pearson
    Issue no. 305 Boston 4112, a Neoplan/Skoda delivered in 2004 leaving the Harvard Tunnel on rute 73 on 24th April 2012.
    picture - RJ Buckley
    Issue no. 306 St Petersburg 2431, a BKM 321 delivered in 2008 seen in Nevskiy Prospect on 11th August 2011.
    picture - A Brown
    Issue no. 306 Huddersfield 632, a Sunbeam S7A with East Lancs body and Metropolitan Vickers electrical equipment delivered in 1959, leaving the Longwood reverser on 19th September 1965.
    picture - D Pearson
    Issue no. 308 Arnhem 5213, a Berkhof trolleybus operating on the rerouted line 3 under new wiring at Cattepoelseweg on December 13th.
    picture - P van Onzen
    Issue no. 309 Pyongyang 118, a rarely seen Chonline-72 trolleybus, built around 1973, on 17th April 2013.
    picture - N Bennett
    Issue no. 310 Limoges Hess Swisstrolley4 902 just after re-poling on Avenue du Parc on April 12th 2013.
    picture - A Bruce
    Issue no. 311 Athina 9051, a Neoplan N6221 on line 10 at Odos Isminis terminus, 26th April 2013.
    picture - D Pearson
    Issue no. 311 Wolverhampton 654, the last Guy trolleybus built, seen at Sedgley on 5th March 1967, the last day of operation.
    picture - D Pearson
    Issue no. 313 Landskrona 6994, named Elvis, a Solaris Trollino 12, seen returning to Kasernplan September 27th 2013.
    picture - M Russell
    Issue no. 314 Wellington 357, a three axle Designline with Electra equipment, seen on Cobham Road, Wellington Airport, 29th April 2013.
    picture - C Isgar
    Issue no. 315 An artists impression of a Leeds articulated trolleybus on Leeds Bridge as it may appear in 2019.
    picture - Metro
    Issue no. 316 Ipswich 2, a 1923 Railless with Shorts body at East Anglia Transport Museum, 10th May, 2014.
    picture - C Isgar
    Issue no. 317 Vratsa 101, a ZIU-682V1A on Mito Orozov heading north on route 17 on 19th May 2014.
    picture - MJ Russell
    Issue no. 318 Hradec Kralove 77, a Skoda 15tr 02/6 decorated for St Nicolas celebrations at the main railway station in December 2013.
    picture - D Ditrych
    Issue no. 319 Pyongyang 184, a Cholima-70 with 396, a Cholima-091, heading out of the city on Okryu Bridge in August 2014.
    picture - Our Correspondant
    Issue no. 320 Bradford 795, a BUT 9611T with an East Lancs body, built in 1951 for St. Helens, at Clayton Town End Terminus.
    picture - P.Hanson
    Issue no. 321 Esslingen 213, one of eight Van Hool AG300T trolleys of 2002, seen on Mettinger Strasse, 5th March 2015.
    picture - D.Pearson
    Issue no. 322
    Medias 80, the prototype Hess Swisstrolley1, built on a Volvo chassis in 1991, seen entering Starada Herman Oberth on 27th April 2015.
    picture - M.Russell
    Issue no. 323
    Ancona 015, an AnsaldoBreda F22 (ex-Nancy) on Guglielmo Marconi, 14th April 2015.
    picture - D Lawrence
    Issue no. 324
    Plzen 435, a Skoda 14Tr with the main railway station and dark rain cloud behind, 10th September 2015. picture - M Russell
    Issue no. 325
    Malatya 4402, one of nine Bozankaya double articulated trolleybuses in service on the single route to the University, 3rd October 2015. picture - K Klimov
    Issue no. 326
    Bern 55, an FBW with Gangloff body trolleybus visiting Arnhem, 2 April 1976. picture - CF Isgar
    Issue no. 327
    One of the first ever Iveco Crealis trolleybuses, Bologna 1103, seen westbound in Via Farini on route 13 on 5th Febuary 2016. picture - M Montanarini
    Issue no. 328
    Luzern 25, a FBW/FFA/MFO of 1949 seen in Haldenstrasse on 21st May 2016, as part of the 75 years of trolleybus operation celebrations. picture - J Priestley
    Issue no. 329
    Teplice 180, a Skoda 30Tr/SOR of 2013 seen in Nova Ves on 21st June 2016. picture - M Russell
    Issue no. 330
    Manchester 1361, a BUT with Burlingham body passing sister vehicle 1308 at Piccadilly. picture - A Belton
    Issue no. 331
    Vancouver 2138, a New Flyer E40LFR passing sister vehicle 2263 in Granville Street. picture - M Russell
    Issue no. 332
    Xinmi 2, a WG61U that has picked up passengers and is heading for Xinmi village in October 2013. picture - D Pearson
    Issue no. 333
    Nancy 8, a Bombardier double articulated trolleybus, at the line's steepest gradient on Avenue Jean Jaures in September 2007. picture - SJ Morgan
    Issue no. 334
    Balti 2008, a BKM-321, on 29th March 2017. picture - P Haseldine
    Issue no. 335
    Derby 242, a Sunbeam F4A/Roe at the Ashbourne Road short working, used only once a day, in May 1967. picture - MJ Russell
    Issue no. 336
    Kryvyy Rih 590, a ZIU-682V-012 of 1990, ascending prospekt Pivdennyl on one of the few daily sorties under route 7 wiring. picture - P Haseldine
    Issue no. 337
    Wellington 258, a Volvo B58/Coachwork International/Brown Boveri, on Hector Street, Seatoun on 8th June 2009. picture - A Wickens
    Issue no. 338
    Zilinia 269, a new style Skoda 27TR, on 1 Maya on 9th January 2018. picture - M Harak
    Issue no. 339
    Linz 221, one of twenty Van Hool Exqui.City 24T double articulated trolleybuses, currently being delivered. picture - N. Fleischmann
    Issue no. 340
    Roma 8607, a BredaMenarinibus/Skoda Avancity duobus, city-bound on route 60 on 19th April 2018. picture - J Lehmann
    Issue no. 341
    Praha 9505, a Škoda 30 Tr SOR, on a test run under the wires in Prosecká. picture - P Hejna
    Issue no. 342
    Reading 186, a Sunbeam F4A, climbing up Southampton Street on 19 July 1967. picture - MJ Russell
    Issue no. 343
    Cordoba 76, a Trolza-5275, heads west on Santa Rosa on 29 September 2018. picture - A Whitlam
    Issue no. 344
    Bournemouth 297, a Sunbeam MF2B with Weymann body, on the Christchurch turntable in August 1966. picture - CF Isgar
    Issue no. 345
    Hradec Kraloce 34, a Skoda 30Tr hyrid battery trolleybus, on Komenskeho on 23 February 2019. picture - D Ditrych
    Issue no. 346
    The only two open-top trolleybuses in the world, Hastings 3A a Guy BTX60 of 1928 and Bournemouth 202 a Sunbeam MS2 of 1935, at Carlton Colville on 12 May 2019. picture - MJ Russell
    Issue no. 347
    Moscow 8995, a SVARZ-MAZ-6275 of 2017, at Kinoteatr Udarnik terminal loop in front of the Kremlin on 18 May 2019. picture - MJ Russell

    The National Trolleybus Association © 2006-16. Photographs are copyright of their respective owners.

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    203 Transperience (Bradford), Ukraine - 2 (Makeyevka, Gorlovka, Dzerzhinsk)
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    210 Singapore (pre-war)
    211* Mexico City picture-feature
    212 Singapore (wartime), Boston
    213 Nizhni Novgorod
    214* Singapore (postwar - 1), ?koda production 1936-1995
    215 Singapore (postwar - 2), London trolleybus maps
    216 Singapore (postwar - 3), Solingen
    218 Essen duobuses - 2, Model Trolleybuses, Huddersfield?s surviving traction standards
    219 New systems in wartime Russia
    220* København (Copenhagen) (see also TM 227)
    221 Odense, South Lancs picture-feature
    222 Auckland, Chicago picture-feature
    223* Vancouver?s 50-year celebration, Lausanne
    224* Glasgow and São Paulo picture-features
    225* Athinai and Hastings picture-features
    226* Alstom?s first trolleybus order (Athinai), Wellington Jubilee
    227* Bradford?s surviving traction standards, More on København (see TM 220), Trolleybus Celebrations in the Czech Republic (Brno, Ústí nad Labem, Plzen)
    228* Sarajevo picture feature, São Paulo Jubilee
    229* Arnhem, Gdynia picture feature
    230* 1990s in Retrospect, Edmonton Jubilee
    231* Preservation in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, Bern picture-feature
    232* Nordtroll (Russian manufacturer), German preservation
    233* Anshan, Diode section insulators
    234* Moskva Exhibition Service, Restoration of Bournemouth 202
    235* Romania - 1
    236* Romania - 2
    237* Georgia - 1 (Batumi, Chiatura, Gori), London proposals
    238* Georgia - 2 (Kutaisi, Ozurgeti, Poti), Sandtoft
    239* Georgia - 3 (Rustavi, Samtredia, Sukhum), Athinai, the new Cristalis trolleybus
    240* Georgia - 4 (Tbilisi, Tskhinvali, Zestaponi, Zugdidi), Recife
    241* Yalta
    242* History of Current Collection - 1, Moskva's Ikarus vehicles
    243* History of Current Collection - 2, Huddersfield school services
    244* North Korea - 1 (introduction)
    245* North Korea - 2 (Pyongyang)
    246* North Korea - 3 (other systems)
    247* 40 Years of the NTA, China in 1983 - a personal reflection, Route changes in Minsk
    248* China in 1983 - 2, Lausanne 70th anniversary
    249* Ukraine picture-feature - 1
    250* Ukraine picture-feature - 2
    251* Gdynia - 1
    252* Gdynia - 2
    253* Gydnia - 3, Landskrona
    254* Kyiv - 1, Tula
    255* Kyiv - 2
    256* Trolleybus depots, Singapore
    257* Dayton, Salzburg Obus Conference
    258* Napoli CTP, last Alfa-Romeo trolleybuses
    259* Biel trolleybuses
    260* Trolleybus production in Russia and Belarus, Coimbra
    261* Trolleybus production in Russia and Belarus, part 2
    262* Trolleybus production in Russia and Belarus, part 3
    263* Salzburg
    264* Trolleybus production in Russia and Belarus, part 4
    265* Tehran, Surviving trolleybus equipment in Huddersfield
    266* Cagliari system in Sardinia
    267* Bradford Moor route, Boston
    268* Toulon in retrospect
    269* 1903 article on Schiemann trolleys
    270* Closure of the Manchester and Ashton systems
    271* Memories of Italy
    272* Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan
    273* European Trolleybuses 1966-76, part 1
    274* European Trolleybuses 1966-76, part 2, Ŝkoda 9Tr trolleybuses in the Ukraine
    275* European Trolleybuses 1966-76, part 3
    276* European Trolleybuses 1966-76, part 4
    277* Wolverhampton 654
    278* Genève
    279* Basel
    280* Russia's MTB-82
    281* Castellon, Swiss Preservation
    282* Napoli
    283* Napoli part 2
    284* North America in 1969
    285* Seattle, Eberswalde
    286* Edmonton
    287* Arnhem
    288* Ghent
    289* Manchester and Ashton
    290* Trolleybus Progress 2000-2009
    291* Voronezh in Russia, Mendoza in Argentina
    292* French closures, World scene of the 2000s
    293* Preservation of Huddersfield 541, British survivors in Spain
    294* Grodono, Vancouver update
    295* London 796, Ghent closure update
    296* Le Havre, Carrara, Bournemouth, Arnhem
    297* New Zealand, part 1
    298* New Zealand, part 2
    299* 1911 Anniversaries and Celebrations
    300* Rewiring in Crimea
    301* Ploisti in Romania
    302* Kazakhstan, Solaris Trollino
    303* London Closure 50th Anniversary
    304* Solaris Trollino (part 2), Solingen at Sixty
    305* New Zealand
    306* New Zealand and Maidstone
    307* Mining town systems in China and the 3rd Trolleybus Conference in Leipzig
    308* Timisoara's 70th Anniversary, Johannesburg 589, and France in 1971
    309* North Korean trolleybuses, Johannesburg 589, and France in 1971, part 2
    310* Manchester and Ashton trolleybuses, and France in 1971, part 3
    311* Italian postcards, Glasgow
    312* NTA Golden Jubilee
    313* Sao Paulo, Landskrona
    314* Wellington
    315* Leeds Trolleybus proposal, Soviet coupled trolleybuses
    316* Trolleybuses on Stamps, the re-launch of Ipswich 105, Plodiv in 1976
    317* Coimbra, Pontevedra history
    318* Bruxelles anniversary, historic European postcards
    319* Pyongyang update, the Return of Solingen 68
    320* 70s West Germany, Tehran
    321* Why the Wires? Poitiers, Black Country Museum
    322* 70s West Germany part 2, Iasi trolleybuses, Belfast 168 appeal
    323* Castellon update, final months in Marseille, Wellington developments
    324* Milano 302, Lyons trolleybus maps
    325* Kamensk-Uralskiy, Malatya, Arnhem
    326* Trolleybus postcards, Brest, Bern 55 in Arnhem
    327* West Germany in the Seventies
    328* Toshiba Trolleybuses in Mendoza, Bern 30 at Seattle and Vancouver
    329* Plzen anniveraries, Rotherham 73, Bulgarian closures, Nottingham 50
    330* Venzia and Manchester
    331* Eberswalde, Milano and Belfast
    332* St. Petersberg, Urgench and Xinmi
    333* West Germany in the Seventies, Black Country Museum, New Zealand trolleybuses
    334* Piatra Neamt, Belfast 168, Tiraspol-Bendery
    335* Bulgarian closures, Derby, Japanese tunnel trolleybuses
    336* Kryvyy Rih, Wellington
    337* Kryvyy Rih part2, Wellington farewell
    338* Late Sixties North America, Naryn in Kyrgystan, Belfast 50 years on
    339* West Germany in the 70s, Italian tragedies, Manchester's Moston routes, Spencer Trolley Gear
    340* Huddersfield at Fifty, Wallonie transport museum, Huddersfield 541
    341* Praha trolleybus installation, NTA preserved fleet, Budapest open day, San Francisco revisited
    342* 50th anniversary of Reading's system closure, Kurobe Dam trolleybuses
    343* Researching Britains lost trolleybus systems, Reading operations
    344* Schaffhausen update, Bournemouth anniversary, Moscow status, Pretoria history part 1
    345* Koblenz in the 1970s, Reading operation in 1967, the replica British Cedes Stoll trolleybus of 1911
    346* The heritage service in Gydnia, Pretoria trolleybuses, concrete traction poles in London
    347* why Arnhem remains a Trolleystad
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