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Latest! Trolleybooks
Turin Trolleybuses
Bordonne and Accattatis/ ATTS
Italian text. Filobus a Torino. (2015). Reviewed in TM 338. £14.00. Postage £1.30.

Walsall Trolleybuses. Bob Rowe
Available now, a major new trolleybus history,
A4 hardback, 232 pages, 415 illustrations,
£32.00. NTA member £30.00. Postage £2.90.

Trolleybuses in the EU and Switzerland 2018. Alfonso (2018).
Italian text: Filobus in Unione Europer e in Svizzera. Softback. 311 pages. Fully illustrated.
Fleet details and route maps of each system.
(NB this title was previously advertised as Trolleybuses in EU and Switzerland 2017). £28.00. Postage £2.90.

Published jointly by Trolleybooks and the LRTA.
Trolleybus Days in Wolverhampton
Eric Challoner (2017)
A4 softback. 240 pages. 350 photos. Fleet history. Maps. Cover price £30. NTA Members £28. Postage £2.90.

Obus Atlas Deutschland. Sohns/ Endisch (2017).
A major new title on German trolleybus history.
German text. Hardback. 400 pages. 390 photos. Wiring maps and fleet history of every system.
Published 12 Dec. 17. £44.00. Postage £2.95.

The Tramways of Wolverhampton
Eric Challoner (2017)
A4 softback. 108 pages. Fully illustrated. Fleet history. Maps. Cover price £22. NTA Members £20. Postage £2.14.
Price for both volumes (NTA Members) £45. postage £2.90. Price for both volumes (Non NTA members) - please enquire.

Birmingham Tramways. Harley/ Heathfield. (2017)
Hardback. 208 pages. Fully illustrated. 4 pages of colour.
£40.00. NTA members £38.00. Postage £2.90.

Lombard-Gerin and Inventing the Trolleybus. Ashley Bruce
Now available, a major new trolleybus history, see here for more details. A4 hardback, 158 pages, 348 illustrations,
£28.00 plus postage.

Osaka Trolleybuses. Neko Publishing (2017).
Japanese text with many quality photos of Japan's largest system (1953 - 1970)
260 mm x 180 mm. Softback. 52 pages. Maps. Fleet list. Reviewed in TM 335.
£12.50 each plus £1.25 UK postage.

Belfast Trolleybuses

£32.00 plus postage.
Buy from the UK
Trams and Trolleybuses in Hastings, St.Leonards and Bexhill-on-Sea. 1905-1959. Robert J. Harley/ Adam Gordon (2017)
A4. Hardback. 198 pages. £40.00. NTA Members £37.00. Postage £2.90.

Trolleybus Miniatures, Models and the Real Things
£25.00 with free postage!
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London Trolleybus Depots Volume 1.
Hugh Taylor/ Adam Gordon (2017)
A4 Hardback. 184 pages. 204 b & w photos, 18 colour. Volume 1 of a 3 volume set is an overview of the work carried out in the trolleybus depots. (Volumes 2 and 3, to be published later, look at the individual depots). Cover price £38.50. NTA Members £36.00. Postage £2.90.

British Trolleybus Database
Only £16.00 incl.UK postage
Trolejbusy v Pardubicich. Katalog Vozidel.
Harak (2017)
Czech text: Pardubicich Trolleybuses. Vehicle Catalogue. A5. 32 pages. Photos of all types from 7Tr to 30TR. With fleet history. £6.76. Postage £0.65.

British Trolleybus Centenary 1911-2011
Now on SALE! with FREE postage - £5
Maidstone Trams and Trolleybuses. Harley/ Capital. (2017)
A4 Hardback. 96 pages. £19.95. Postage £2.90.

London Trolleybus Wiring -
North East and East
Now on SALE! with FREE postage - £7
Der Obus Mainz. Neise/Strassenbahnfreunde Mainz. (2013)
German text. A5 softback. 92 pages. Fully illustrated history . Fleet lists. Maps.
£10.00. Postage £1.25.

Kingston upon Hull Trolleybuses
Now on SALE! with FREE postage - £7
In Stock!
Trolley Berichten. The Dutch Trolleybus Magazine
Latest issue - 200. Rome part 2. Photo history and fleet list; Winter in Solingen.
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Choose an issue (includes postage)

Trolleybus Current
Latest Issue, 18 Turin, Spring 2018
£6.95 each plus £0.65 UK postage.
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Trams of Barcelona 1872-2008. Mafeditor (2008)
Spanish/ Catalan/ English Text: Tramvies De Barcelona. Hardback. 188 pages.Photos and technical detail of each batch.
£27.50. Postage £2.85.

Swedish DVDs from Trafik-Nostalgiska Fortlaget.
£14.50 each. Postage £0.75.
1. Trolleybuses in Stockholm 1964. - Currently out of stock. Further copies will be ordered subject to demand. Please enquire.
2. Trams and Trolleybuses in North Korea. 100 mins.
3. Gothenburg M25s in Oslo. 65 mins.
4. Old Trams in Malmo and five other cities. 31 mins.
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Trasporti a Milano. Alfano & Costa (2016)
2 volume set. Vol 1 buses and trolleybuses. Vol 2 trams. 536 pages. Italian text. Full details of each batch. Colour and black & white photos.
£33.50. Postage £2.85.

Atlas of Urban Electric Transport In The Russian Federation.
Russian /English text.424 pages. Full colour.
Covers every Trolleybus, Tram, Metro, Monorail and Funicular system with maps, route and fleet details. Includes Crimea.
£45.00. Postage £2.85.
due early September 2016.

Hold On Tight. Martin Eady/ Capital. (2016)
A social history of London Transport and the Unions.
£19.95. Postage £2.85.

London Trolleybuses A Colour Album. Michael Russell/Capital( 2016.)
A companion to this publisher's 2009 London Trolleybuses A Black & White Album. Around 150, largely unpublished, colour photos from around the system.
96 pages. Hardback. £25. NTA Members £23. Postage £2.85.

The Manchester Trolleybus. Eyre & Heaps/ Ian Allan (2008)
Hardback. 112 pages. Full history, some colour, fleet details.
£9.75. Postage £2.85

Sunbeams and Showers. Memories of the Huddersfield Trolleybuses in the 1950s and 1960s.
Philip Jenkinson/ TR&IN. 2014. A detailed work on Huddersfield trolleys based on notes taken by enthusiasts at the time. A4. Ringbound. 168 pages, photos, maps, detailed fleet records. £18.00. Postage £1.68.

DVD Trolleybuses in Leyton & Leytonstone/ Walthamstow Amateur CineVideo Club.
A rare find. A 20 min film of trolleybuses in this part of East London, produced in 2005, but believed not to have been widely publicised or circulated at the time. It is also believed that the film has not appeared in other releases.
£8.50 plus £1.30 p&p.

The Colours Of Yesterdays Trolleybuses. Michael Russell/ Capital.
2015. Contains circa 500 colour photographs covering each of the 37 post war systems.
Cover price £40. Our price £38. (NTA members £36). Postage £3.70.

65 Let Mestke Dopravy V Pardubicich. Martin Harak/ Malkus 2015
A small, 22 page booklet celebrating 65 years of municipal transport in Pardubichi, very largely trolleybus. 1 photo per page of trolleys from 1952 to 2011.
£3.00 plus £0.65 p&p.

65 Let Trolejbusu V Hradci Kralove. Martin Harak/ Malkus 2014.
Same format as the above; 65 years of trolleybuses in Hradci Kralove. 1 photo per page of trolleys from 1949 - 2014.
£3.00 plus £0.65 postage

Ceske Trolejbusy. Martin Harack/ Grada 2015.
Hardback. 160 pages. Czech text. Well illustrated history of trolleys in what is now the Czech Republic. History of home production and foreign imports; system maps; colour scale drawings.
£14. Postage £1.68.

Tatra Trolleybuses in Prague Part 1.
(Trolejbusy a trolejbusove trate. Dil 1) Czech text. Many photos. Reviewed in TM 322
£14.50 plus £2.45 postage.

Tatra Trolleybuses in Prague Part 2.
(Trolejbusy a trolejbusove trate. Dil 2) Czech text. Many photos.
£14.50 plus £2.45 postage.

Reading's Municipal Transport 1939 - 1950 War And Austerity. Smith & Whitehead/ Millane Publishing.
A4 Hardback.240 pages. Many photos of Reading Buses and Trolleybuses in the war years and after.
Cover price £30. Our price £29. NTA Members £28.Postage £3.70

A History Of The Buses, Trams and Trolleybuses in Enfield and Edmonton Domin/ Omnibus Society
2014. A4 Softback. 96 pages including 8 in colour. £10. Postage £1.65

Trams Through The Dunes. Skelsey and Hansart/LRTA (2009)
History of The Belgian Coastal Tramways 1885-2010. 104 pages. Colour and b+w. photos
£7.50. Postage £1.75.

The Campaign To Save the London Trams 1946-1952. Ann Watkins/ Published Privately. (2010).
The story of Operation Tramaway, London Transport's determination to rid the capital of its trams is well known. What is less documented are the attempts of campaigners to save the system. Compiled by the author from the papers of her late husband, Alan Watkins, a leading campaigner, this work helps to redress the balance.
A4. Softback. 64 pages. £7.50. Postage £1.75.

Launceston Municipal Transport 1911-1955. Cooper/Transit Australia (2006).
History of this Tasmanian municipal operator. Mainly tram, some trolleybus.
A4 Softback.170 pages. illustrated, some colour. £30. Postage £2.85.

Tracks Across The Wear. Lockwood/ Adam Gordon (2009)
Remembering Sunderland’s Electric trams.
Hardback. 160 pages £28. Postage £2.85.

Cardiff Trolleybuses by Peter Smith, Published by Adam Gordon
A4 Hardback. 300+ pages. Full system history.
Cover price £50. Our price £47. NTA Members £44. Postage £2.85.

Around Bournemouth By Trolleybus by Henry Conn, Published by Adam Gordon
A photo tour of the system during the 1960s and draws extensively on black + white photos taken by the late Peter Mitchell. There are also colour shots by Tony Belton and Fred Ivey. All are excellent quality and printed on glossy paper.
A4 hardback. 224 pages. Wiring map. 1 or 2 photos per page.
The cover price is £47. Our price is £40. NTA members £38. Postage is £2.85.
Portsmouth Trolleybuses David Bowler/Adam Gordon
Published Sept 2014. A4 Hardback.383 pages; many photographs,including colour; wiring maps; full fleet details. A major work on the system.
Cover price £48. Our price £42. NTA Members £39. Postage £5.30.

Around London By Trolleybus. Part 1. Hugh Taylor/Adam Gordon.
Published 2014. A4 hardback.184 pages. 16 pages of colour.
Hugh Taylor takes a photographic trip round the South East, South and West of the system. Cover price £32. Our price £30. (NTA Members £29.) Postage £2.90.

Around London By Trolleybus. Part 2. Hugh Taylor/Adam Gordon.
Published 2015. A4 Hardback.195 pages. Many black and white photos and 17 pages in colour.
Hugh Taylor concludes his trip around the London system, visiting the North, North East, East and Central areas. Cover price £35.
Our price £32. (NTA Members £30). Postage £2.90.

Special offer - Buy both volumes of Around London by Trolleybus

Trolleybuses In London's Docklands. Adam Gordon Books
Published 14th November 2015. A new photo album of London trolleybuses. Follows the format or the LTPS Trolleybuses In.....London series. A4 softback. 168 pages with colour section. Cover price £25. Our price £24. NTA Members £23. Postage £3.78.
NB. this book now includes a pull out A3 wiring map of the area by cartographer Roger Smith. Earlier copies did not include the map. Members who have purchased a copy without the map may obtain a free copy. Postage £1.00

Pontypridd Trolleybuses David Bowler/Adam Gordon
2014. A4 Hardback. A full history of this small Welsh system.216 pages. Many photographs including colour. Full fleet details. Maps.
Cover price £40. Our price £38. NTA Members £35. Postage £3.70.

Huddersfield The Trolleybus Years Stephen Lockwood/Adam Gordon
2015. A4 Hardback. 232 pages. Numerous photos, many in colour.
Cover price £50. Our price £45. NTA Members £42. Postage £3.78.

Trolley Berichten
The Dutch Trolleybus Magazine
NTA Sales will be taking a batch of each new issue of this quarterly periodical. A4. Dutch text. 26 to 34 pages per issue. Each issue is well illustrated, and there are often historic as well as contemporary articles. £4.50 per issue. Postage £1.30. Back issues available.
200. Rome part 2. Photo history and fleet list; Winter in Solingen.
199. Rome Trams and Trolleybuses. History and maps. Marrakesh. Arhem.
198. San Remo. Photo history. Map. fleet history.
196. Arnhem.
195. Modena.
194. Parma photo history with fleet lists and maps: MAN trolleys in Mariopol; Arnhem Berkhofs in Kaunas.
193. June 2016. Photo history of Chieti with maps; Photo feature on Luzern's 75th Anniversary.
192. Jan 2016. Rimini. Bern 55 in Arnhem in 1976.
191. Dec 2015. Ancona illustrated history and map; Crimea photos; Arnhem Trolleybus station photo feature.
190. Oct 2015 Illustrated Skoda history Part 2
189. Mar 2015 Skoda History part 1
187. History of Arnhem BUTs part 1
185. History of Innsbrucks second system. With maps
181. La Spezia, Maps, Arnhems second series BUTs
Choose an issue (includes postage)
Choose an issue (includes postage)

The History Of Trolleybuses In Crimea 1959 to 2013. Jan Nelhubel
A5, softback, 42 pages, 28 photos, mainly colour, maps. English language.
Price £10 plus £1.30 UK postage.

A London Trolleybus Experience by Doug Fairhurst. Irwell Press. A5 Softback 76 pages.
Published July 2014. Personal memories of the system, with particular emphasis on the Waltham Cross/ Enfield area. 163 photos. £18.95 plus £1.65 p+p. (£17.95 plus £1.65 p+p to NTA Members. Quote membership number with order. )

Trolleybus Current
A quarterly publication on trolleybuses.
Issue 1. Winter 2013/ 2014. Covers the current Salzburg fleet. A5. 40 pages. Full colour. Fleet list. Reviewed in TM 315
£6.75 each plus £0.65 UK postage.

Issue 2. Spring 2014. Trolleybuses at Sandtoft and the Black Country Museum. Reviewed in TM 316.
£6.75 each plus £0.65 UK postage.

Issue 3. Summer 2014. Trolleybuses of Budapest.
£6.75 each plus £0.65 UK postage.

Issue 4. Autumn 2014. Trolleybuses of Lausanne.
£6.75 each plus £0.65 UK postage.

Issue 5. Winter 2014/5. Trolleybuses of Esslingen and Eberswelde.
£6.75 each plus £0.65 UK postage.

Issue 6. Spring 2015 Shanghai.
£6.75 each plus £0.65 UK postage.

Issue 7. Summer 2015. Trolleybuses of Lyon & St Etienne.
£6.75 each plus £0.65 UK postage.

Issue 8. Autumn 2015. Trolleybuses of Brno.
£6.75 each plus £0.65 UK postage.

Issue 9. Winter 2015/6. Preserved Trolleybuses in UK and Europe
£6.75 each plus £0.65 UK postage.

Issue 10. Spring 206. Arnhem
£6.75 each plus £0.65 UK postage.
Choose a title (includes postage)

Issue 11. Summer 2016. Vilnius
£6.75 each plus £0.65 UK postage.

Issue 12. Summer 2016. Geneva
£6.75 each plus £0.65 UK postage.

Issue 13. Winter 2016/7 Bratislava
£6.75 each plus £0.65 UK postage.

Issue 14. Spring 2017 Wellington
£6.75 each plus £0.65 UK postage.

Issue 15. Summer 2017 Riga
£6.75 each plus £0.65 UK postage.

Issue 16. Autumn 2017 St Gallen
£6.75 each plus £0.65 UK postage.

Issue 17. Autumn 2017 Cluj Napoca
£6.95 each plus £0.65 UK postage.

Issue 18. Spring 2018 Turin

Trolleybus Current
Latest Issue, 18 Turin, Spring 2018
£6.95 each plus £0.65 UK postage.
Choose a title (includes postage)

Trolleybus Current - Special editions
Limited edition A4 versions, bi-lingual text.
Trolleybuses of Shanghai. Photos and text is the same as the standard issue, but with larger wiring map. £10 including UK postage.

Salzburg. The second Trolleybus Current Special edition celebrates the 75th anniversary of this Austrian system. 120 photos including historic, current, preserved and demonstrators. £10 including UK postage
Choose a title

Ipswich Transport Museum
Ipswich Sunbeams & Karriers.
A5. 48 pages. Illustrated history of the trolleys delivered 1944-1950. £4.00. £0.65 postage.

A Brief History of the Ipswich Trolleybus Routes. 1923-1963.
A5. 44 pages £4.00. Postage £0.65.

Trolleybuses Bombs and Salt
An Illustrated History of Priory Heath Trolleybus Depot
A5. 20 pages.2009. £2.90 plus £0.60 UK postage.
Choose a title (icludes postage)

Wellington's Volvo Trolleybus Finale Wickens
2009. A5. A 32 page colour photo booklet commemorating the end of Volvo operation in Wellington.
£5. Postage £0.65.

Middleton Press
Published in the Trolleybus Classics series
St. Helens, published 22 June 2013 by Middleton Press. Number 29 in this popular and long running series looks at the trolleybuses of this Lancashire town (1927 to 1958) Normal Price £16.95. Our Price £15.95. Plus £1.75 UK p+p

South Lancs, published by Middleton Press. Reviewed in TM307. Special price, £14.95 plus p+p

From the Bobtail Press
Five new books under the series title of Trolley Holidays each covering several overseas trolleybus systems in the 1970s. 64 pages, over 100 pictures, some in colour and diagrams.
Book 1 Features Salzburg, with Innsbruck, Soligen and Leige
Book 2 Exclusively Switzerland
Book 3 Features Simferopol-Yalta interurban, with Switzerland and Athens
Book 4 Czech Republic (1990s) and Belgrade (2007)
Book 5 Czech Republic (1990s) and Coimbra (1990s onwards)
choose a book (includes postage)
Includes UK postage. Please add £2.40 for Europe or £3.95 for Rest of the world.

Liege 425 And A Short History Of The Liege Trolleybus Systems
Published 2005. Our Price £5.00 plus £0.62 UK postage.

A five volume record of the last years of trolleybuses in Bradford
Five titles from Stan Ledgard
Choose a title

Trolley Trips 1 - Huddersfield/Walsall/Manchester
Trolley Trips 2 - Newcastle/Teesside/Reading/Bournemouth
Being a brief tribute to the trolleybuses in these towns and cities, reviewed in TM295.
All Bobtail books are A5 size, 64 pages, profusely illustrated, price £6.50 each plus UK postage, £1.75 P+P.
Bobtail Press

From History Press
Under the Wires at Tally Ho
Trams and Trolleybuses of North London, 1905-1962 by David Berguer, reviewed in TM298, our price £12.00 plus UK postage, £1.75 P+P.

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Trolleybus Magazine

Published six times a year, Trolleybus Magazine is the world's premier journal devoted to trolleybuses and deals with the different aspects of the vehicles themselves and their operation.
NTA Sales holds a good stock of backnumbers from the 1970s to date, with a limited number of 1960s issues.
A list of issues, with main contents, since number 180 is as follows: 180 Trolleybus financial comparison
181* Bombay
182 Swiss Riviera, Brisbane picture-feature
183 Preservation update, The Modern Trolleybus, Neoplan N6020
184* The Modern Trolleybus part 2
185 Another look at Scandinavia
186 Toronto, Hess Low floor trolleybus
187* The coasting brake, Poland - Walbrzych
188 London south of the river, Poland - Walbrzych part 2
189 Preservation update, Austria
190* Guadaljara
191 Mexico City - 1
192 Mexico City - 2, Notts & Derby picture-feature
193* Simferopol-Yalta (the world's longest trolleybus route - 53.75 miles)
194 Soviet production since 1933
195 Newcastle (Slatyford depot)
196* Bournemouth - 1, Moskva Jubilee
197 Bournemouth - 2, Polish trolleybuses for Russia?
198 Buenos Aires, Substations
199 Reading�s power supply system, Chaux-de-Fonds
200* Low-floor trolleybuses, Solonceni
201 Hoyerswerda, Milwaukee 350 (preservation)
202* Farewell to the Double-decker (picture-feature), Ukraine - 1 (Donetsk)
203 Transperience (Bradford), Ukraine - 2 (Makeyevka, Gorlovka, Dzerzhinsk)
204 Brisbane
205* Hanoi
206 Kingston-upon-Hull
207 Singapore (description)
209 Guadalajara - 2
210 Singapore (pre-war)
211* Mexico City picture-feature
212 Singapore (wartime), Boston
213 Nizhni Novgorod
214* Singapore (postwar - 1), �koda production 1936-1995
215 Singapore (postwar - 2), London trolleybus maps
216 Singapore (postwar - 3), Solingen
218 Essen duobuses - 2, Model Trolleybuses, Huddersfield�s surviving traction standards
219 New systems in wartime Russia
220* København (Copenhagen) (see also TM 227)
221 Odense, South Lancs picture-feature
222 Auckland, Chicago picture-feature
223* Vancouver�s 50-year celebration, Lausanne
224* Glasgow and São Paulo picture-features
225* Athinai and Hastings picture-features
226* Alstom�s first trolleybus order (Athinai), Wellington Jubilee
227* Bradford�s surviving traction standards, More on København (see TM 220), Trolleybus Celebrations in the Czech Republic (Brno, Ústí nad Labem, Plzen)
228* Sarajevo picture feature, São Paulo Jubilee
229* Arnhem, Gdynia picture feature
230* 1990s in Retrospect, Edmonton Jubilee
231* Preservation in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, Bern picture-feature
232* Nordtroll (Russian manufacturer), German preservation
233* Anshan, Diode section insulators
234* Moskva Exhibition Service, Restoration of Bournemouth 202
235* Romania - 1
236* Romania - 2
237* Georgia - 1 (Batumi, Chiatura, Gori), London proposals
238* Georgia - 2 (Kutaisi, Ozurgeti, Poti), Sandtoft
239* Georgia - 3 (Rustavi, Samtredia, Sukhum), Athinai, the new Cristalis trolleybus
240* Georgia - 4 (Tbilisi, Tskhinvali, Zestaponi, Zugdidi), Recife
241* Yalta
242* History of Current Collection - 1, Moskva's Ikarus vehicles
243* History of Current Collection - 2, Huddersfield school services
244* North Korea - 1 (introduction)
245* North Korea - 2 (Pyongyang)
246* North Korea - 3 (other systems)
247* 40 Years of the NTA, China in 1983 - a personal reflection, Route changes in Minsk
248* China in 1983 - 2, Lausanne 70th anniversary
249* Ukraine picture-feature - 1
250* Ukraine picture-feature - 2
251* Gdynia - 1
252* Gdynia - 2
253* Gydnia - 3, Landskrona
254* Kyiv - 1, Tula
255* Kyiv - 2
256* Trolleybus depots, Singapore
257* Dayton, Salzburg Obus Conference
258* Napoli CTP, last Alfa-Romeo trolleybuses
259* Biel trolleybuses
260* Trolleybus production in Russia and Belarus, Coimbra
261* Trolleybus production in Russia and Belarus, part 2
262* Trolleybus production in Russia and Belarus, part 3
263* Salzburg
264* Trolleybus production in Russia and Belarus, part 4
265* Tehran, Surviving trolleybus equipment in Huddersfield
266* Cagliari system in Sardinia
267* Bradford Moor route, Boston
268* Toulon in retrospect
269* 1903 article on Schiemann trolleys
270* Closure of the Manchester and Ashton systems
271* Memories of Italy
272* Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan
273* European Trolleybuses 1966-76, part 1
274* European Trolleybuses 1966-76, part 2, Ŝkoda 9Tr trolleybuses in the Ukraine
275* European Trolleybuses 1966-76, part 3
276* European Trolleybuses 1966-76, part 4
277* Wolverhampton 654
278* Genève
279* Basel
280* Russia's MTB-82
281* Castellon, Swiss Preservation
282* Napoli
283* Napoli part 2
284* North America in 1969
285* Seattle, Eberswalde
286* Edmonton
287* Arnhem
288* Ghent
289* Manchester and Ashton
290* Trolleybus Progress 2000-2009
291* Voronezh in Russia, Mendoza in Argentina
292* French closures, World scene of the 2000s
293* Preservation of Huddersfield 541, British survivors in Spain
294* Grodono, Vancouver update 295* London 796, Ghent closure update 296* Le Havre, Carrara, Bournemouth, Arnhem
297* New Zealand, part 1
298* New Zealand, part 2
299* 1911 Anniversaries and Celebrations
300* Rewiring in Crimea
301* Ploisti in Romania
302* Kazakhstan, Solaris Trollino
303* London Closure 50th Anniversary
304* Solaris Trollino (part 2), Solingen at Sixty
305* New Zealand
306* New Zealand and Maidstone
307* Mining town systems in China and the 3rd Trolleybus Conference in Leipzig
308* Timisoara's 70th Anniversary, Johannesburg 589, and France in 1971
309* North Korean Trolleybuses and France in 1971 part 2
310* Manchester and Ashton, Johannesburg 589 Update, and France in 1971 part 3
311* Italian postcards, Glasgow
312* NTA Golden Jubilee, Jim Joyce
313* Sao Paulo, Landskrona
314* Wellington
315* Leeds Trolleybus proposal, Soviet coupled trolleybuses
316* Trolleybuses on Stamps, the re-launch of Ipswich 105, Plodiv in 1976
317* Coimbra, Pontevedra history
318* Bruxelles anniversary, historic European postcards
319* Pyongyang update, the Return of Solingen 68
320* 70s West Germany, Tehran
321* Why the Wires? Poitiers, Black Country Museum
322* 70s West Germany part 2, Iasi trolleybuses, Belfast 168 appeal
323* Castellon update, final months in Marseille, Wellington developments
324* Milano 302, Lyons trolleybus maps
325* Kamensk-Uralskiy, Malatya, Arnhem
326* Trolleybus postcards, Brest, Bern 55 in Arnhem
327* West Germany in the Seventies
328* Toshiba Trolleybuses in Mendoza, Bern 30 at Seattle and Vancouver
329* Plzen anniveraries, Rotherham 73, Bulgarian closures, Nottingham 50
330* Venzia and Manchester
331* Eberswalde, Milano and Belfast
332* St. Petersberg, Urgench and Xinmi
333* West Germany in the Seventies, Black Country Museum, New Zealand trolleybuses
334* Piatra Neamt, Belfast 168, Tiraspol-Bendery
335* Bulgarian closures, Derby, Japanese tunnel trolleybuses
336* Kryvyy Rih, Wellington
337* Kryvyy Rih part2, Wellington farewell
338* Late Sixties North America, Naryn in Kyrgystan, Belfast 50 years on
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Phillip Johnson, NTA Sales, can be reached by email
1 Sterling Cheques and postal orders should be made payable to NTA(1963) Ltd.

2 Electronic Bank Tranfer Payments for subscriptions, donations, purchase of goods etc
United Kingdom -
Please pay "NTA(1963) Ltd" Account number 80815187, sort code number 40-02-17.

Other Currencies
Please pay "NTA(1963) Ltd"
International Bank Account Number (IBAN) GB 83 MIDL40021780815187.
Branch Identifier Code (BDI) MIDLGB2106A
The name and address of our bankers is HSBC, 74 Goswell Road, London EC1V 7DA.