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About the NTA
At a time when British trolleybus systems were being closed, the NTA was formed in 1963 to acquire and preserve a number of trolleybuses that would represent the various types still in existence and to establish a museum where they could be operated. NTA members were keen to save examples of their favourite types and a fleet of about fifteen vehicles had been acquired by the time the last system (Bradford) closed in 1972. The more difficult process of finding a site for a museum then commenced. A recently-closed railway line in Northamptonshire was considered and for a time it appeared that a better arrangement had been found with a developer who wished to build a leisure park in Hampshire at which the trolleybuses would provide the internal transport system. It was a disappointment that, after some years of planning, the project was abandoned by the developer. By this time the condition of the acquired trolleybuses, stored in farm buildings and on open ground at various locations was deteriorating and it was decided to reduce their number to a core collection. After much debate Bournemouth 202, Belfast 168, Hastings 45, Huddersfield 541 and Wolverhampton 654 were retained and the other trolleybuses passed to other preservation groups.

The restoration of heritage vehicles is a time-consuming and costly business so the NTA was fortunate in being able to secure the co-operation of people who had the time and skills necessary to undertake this work. With the NTA funding the materials, the Bournemouth Passenger Transport Association restored 202, the Hastings Trolleybus Restoration Group started work on 45, and Brian Maguire at the Sandtoft Transport Centre took the lead role in restoring 541. Bournemouth 202 was completed in 2000 and is now on loan to the East Anglia Transport Museum. Huddersfield 541 will be completed in 2007. It is hoped that work will be carried out on Hastings 45 during 2007 at a new location and restoration has started on Belfast 168 - details will be charted at this website.

An organisation with members scattered around the United Kingdom, and increasingly around the world, needed an effective communication medium. The initial members' newsletter developed into a magazine, which from 1968 was illustrated and printed professionally. Over the following decades, various improvements have been incorporated, with colour cover pictures introduced in 1991 and colour pictures on the inside pages in 2006. A cartographer joined the editorial team in 1991, immediately improving the style and clarity of the system maps, which are a feature of the magazine.

The worldwide membership is one of the strengths of the NTA because Trolleybus Magazine is thereby able to report promptly news about systems in all the continents, which has helped to make the magazine the world's premier journal devoted to trolleybuses. Further information about the magazine can be found on this website and a sample copy can be obtained from NTA Sales.

Members living in South East England also enjoy the benefit of monthly Meetings in London with a varied programme of speakers and topics. NTA members can also attend the meetings of the British Trolleybus Society in Reading and the Bradford Trolleybus Association in Bradford. The NTA participates with the British Trolleybus Society in the Trolleybooks joint publishing venture. This co-operation has achieved much-acclaimed success in publishing the detailed histories of many British systems. All Trolleybooks are available from NTA sales

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To celebrate our 50 years, Huddersfield 541 and Bournemouth 202 operated together at East Anglia Transport Museum, Chapel Road, Carlton Colville, Suffolk. NR33 8BL on Saturday 14th Sept 2013

picture - Ashley Bruce

picture - Ashley Bruce

picture - Ashley Bruce

Computer generated image over Milano 501, the world's first articulated trolleybus, an Isotta-Fraschini/Stranga/TIBB of 1939 - from the World Trolleybus Encyclopedia and the Electric Tbus Group gallery

picture - Ashley Bruce

Views of Bournemouth 202, NTA's flagship trolleybus, 'on tour' in 2000.At the Sandtoft Gathering, 2000, next to Glasgow TB78

picture - David Bradley

Arriving at at the 'Trolleybus 2000' event at the Black Country Museum, June 2000

picture - Irvine Bell

Has just moved under power from the overhead for the first time since 1969

picture - Irvine Bell

Old and new - 50 years apart

picture - Irvine Bell

Room on top

picture - Irvine Bell